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Virol-Oxy Packaging;

  • 1 kg
  • 6 kg
  • 60 kg
  • 1000 kg

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The Self-Cleaning advantages of Virol-Oxy is from nano-coating of Titansorb-P (TiO2) which remains on surfaces after spraying Virol-Oxy. The unique properties of TiO2 through Photocatalytic reactions from visible light remains the utmost advantage compare to any other disinfectant available in the market.

Effectiveness of Virol-Oxy remains the same when respecting the minimum 30 second of contact time during applications onto surfaces. Absolutely safe for Food & Beverage environments. To achieve maximum benefits of Virol-Oxy and TiO2, it is recommended to spray according to our instructions and let the liquid evaporate.

Virol-Oxy (0.5 % solution): pH = 2.15 (+/- 0.15)

The solution of 1% concentration will not be harmful to materials or surfaces.

Concentration remains at 1% for disinfecting any surfaces.

Up to 0.3%

In salt water, the effectiveness of Virol-Oxy will increase dramatically up to three-fold. However, it is recommended to use less salty water as the Redox potential will be too high.

The repackaging of Virol-Oxy could be done locally with a few simple steps to have adequate equipment’s. For example, masks, gloves, and protective clothing during the weighing and sealing of new packages. We recommend 1000 kg/Big Box packaging which is very economical and could be easily repackaged locally into desired packaging and applications.

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Virol-Oxy is based on a very strong chemistry of radicals, which will help in deactivating viruses and destroy many contaminants. Once the virus has been deactivated by Virol-Oxy, it cannot be activated again.

Applications of Virol-Oxy needs to be followed according to our literatures and if followed, the product is safe for all humans.

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