Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
1 Unique Product, first new approach to Clean and Disinfect in 100 years Only approach designed for the particular Virus infection control problem of 2020’s.
2 Supplied as a Hydrogen Peroxide powder with catalyst TiO2 (Titansorb-P). Highest Oxidation Potential chemistry. Easy to use, safe for storage and less costs for transportation. Excellent efficiency for Disinfection of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi.
3 Powder does not evolve chlorine . No Urine spills. No By products (DBP’s) or THM’s. “NO harmful vapor phase”. Expensive ventilation is not required. Replaces the unpleasant Hypochlorite. Using hypochlorite on a urine spill can result in so much toxic chlorine, being evolved that wards have to be cleared. No hypochlorite in VIROL-OXY.
4 Developed by Watch Water®, Germany NR. 1 in adsorption, Filtration and Disinfection company. Draws on the expertise of a leading Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOP’s) with the strongest history of Oxidation based products.
5 Worldwide branches for unique products. Fast, Easy to use and store. Fast delivery.
6 Solution of VIROL-OXY® is non-irritant to skin and eyes. Elaborate protective clothing not required.
7 When used properly, compatible with all materials. Works by physically destroying Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi. Maximum range of uses. Rapid protection of staff, ensures Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi.
8 VIROL-OXY can replace all existing disinfectants by fast acting. Works in minutes. Combines cleaning and disinfection. Reduces cost for material and staff time.
What Special Precaution You Need, when Using VIROL-OXY?

In a word “None”.

VIROL-OXY is non-irritant to skin and eyes, therefore goggles and gloves are not required (although, off course gloves should be worn in infection control situation).

VIROL-OXY does not have a toxic vapor phase. Therefore extraction/ventilation equipment is not required. The only precaution to be taken when using VIROL-OXY® is that you must not inhale the powder. However, this instruction would go for all powders whether it is flour, sugar or salts.